A Poem to My Leg Hair

I run my hands through my leg hair like men do their beards,
Hair makes me look muscular and feel really strong,
I’m aware that my stroking habit is slightly weird,
Well weird it may be, but it sure isn’t wrong.
Plaid shirts are my favourites, if they’re men’s all the better,
I wear converse and shaved off my hair,
I prefer black whilst my sister likes glitter,
In the bathroom I have Right Guard next to her Nair.
She’s the “piffest peng hotspice”, whatever that means,
People call me a lesbian and ask what I’m packing,
But we’re both as much woman as we want to be,
Because gender isn’t judged by make up and fashion.
I’ll admit I sometimes wonder if I might be a boy,
But on this issue it matters not at all,
I stand up for woman’s right to be furry at will,
They abuse me because they’re sure I’m a girl.
What world do we live in where bullying is fine,
So long as the recipient doesn’t fit gender norms?
I for one want change, and to set this thing right,

Because it shouldn’t be necessary for girls to conform.

This is an entry for the FEMFLASH 2013 writing competition from Mookychick Online. Enter now.


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